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Welcome to our Ringli-Laden

Have you heard the story of Willisau Ringlis? Ever wondered how you are supposed to eat these Ringlis, and why they have a hole? Why not visit our Ringli-Laden in Willisau and find out for yourself?

You will uncover the myth surrounding this recipe. The gentle whiff of honey will float towards you, as freshly baked traditional Willisau Ringlis are taken out of the oven. If you glance through the big window, you'll experience the creation of delicious waffle specialties from HUG - all of them produced right in Willisau.
Tons of baked goods, minimal packaging, great prices - and fresh from the oven too. That's what our factory assortment is all about. We also have our very own gift wrapping. And interesting promotions and great deals. Regularly! 

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8.30 am  through 6 pm
Saturday: 8.30 am through 4 pm

The Ringli Shop will close at 5 pm on the eve of all public holidays.

Ringli Shop closed

10.04.20 Good Friday
12.04.20 Easter
13.04.20 Easter Monday
21.05.20 Ascension Day
31.05.20 Whitsun
01.06.20 Whit Monday
11.06.20 Corpus Christi
29.06.20 Sts. Peter and Paul
01.08.20 Swiss National Holiday
15.08.20 Assumption Day
01.11.20 All Saint's Day
08.12.20 Immaculate Conception
24.12.20 Christmas Eve
(open until two o'clock)
25.12.20 Christmas
26.12.20 St. Stephen's Day
31.12.20 New Year's Eve
(open until two o'clock)
01.01.21 New Year
02.01.21 St. Berchtold's Day

Contact HUG Ringli-Laden

Patricia Corona
Manager «Ringli-Laden» Willisau
Menznauerstrasse 20
CH-6130 Willisau

Tel +41 (0) 41 970 10 22
Directions (PDF)

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