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History of the family company

Master baker Joseph Hug-Meyer invented the Swiss zwieback in Lucerne as long ago as 1877. He cut the unsold bread into slices and toasted them overnight in the hot oven. The twice-baked bread became zwieback, zwieback means twice-baked. Joseph Hug-Meyer laid the foundation stone for the HUG success story with this invention.

Founding of the HUG bakery in Lucerne

On 1 August 1877, the 26 year old master baker Joseph Hug-Meyer took over the Zumbühl bakery on the "äussere Weggisgasse" in Lucerne on his own account for CHF 3,010.25.

It is said, that one morning in 1877 Joseph Hug-Meyer, by mistake put slices of bread instead of loaves in the baking oven. Thus – intentionally or unintentionally – he had laid the foundation for the HUG success story: the fine HUG zwieback was born.

HUG continually refined the zwieback and made a speciality out of it. Its sales were strongly promoted by the up and coming tourism in Lucerne around the turn of the century.

The 2nd generation

The eldest son, Josef Hug-Schmid joined the company in 1895 and dedicated himself intensively to zwieback production.


HUG AG was founded in Malters

In 1913, Josef Hug-Schmid established the HUG AG zwieback factory in Malters, which from 1914 produced zwieback and other diet products. From this time forward, the companies in Lucerne and Malters each went their own way both legally and financially though they were the managed by the same family.

The 3rd generation

In 1931 came the building of a modern biscuit factory in Malters with a continuous steel belt electric baking oven. Since its foundation in 1914 HUG AG was, among other things, also an important supplier of military zwieback, the legendary "confederation tile". The nickname and the manufacturer have remained. HUG AG today however produces army biscuits, which serve as emergency supplies.

1934 saw the third generation with Dr rer. pol. Josef Hug-Gübelin, the eldest, and Werner Hug-Niedermann, the youngest son of Josef Hug-Schmid, entering the company.

Grieb AG in Grosshöchstetten

DAR-VIDA: With the takeover of Grieb AG in 1963 a pioneering basis was established for the further success of the family company. With the brand DAR-VIDA, HUG AG is today the market leader in Switzerland. DARVIDA is a synonym for bread crackers and belongs to the core skills of the company.

New biscuit factory built in Malters

In 1968/69, a spacious manufacturing plant and warehouse was erected in Malters, in which there were two modern continuous belt biscuit lines where the whole biscuit production could be handled.

HUG AG takeover in Wald near Zurich

In 1973, HUG AG acquired the Hüppen-HUG AG in Wald and thus expanded its range and assortment with the wafer speciality fans, cornets and rolls. This was the foundation for the HUG AG "Restaurant Service", which supplies the major consumers with dessert specialities.

The acquisition of Kuhn AG in Turgi
Kuhn AG in Turgi, a producer of zwieback (rusk), was sold by the owner, Max Kuhn, to HUG AG in 1973. Max Kuhn continued to run the company, and he later integrated the production of Hüppen (crispy wafer rolls) and frozen foods, which were acquired by HUG AG, into Kuhn AG. The production of zwieback was relocated to Malters.

The 4th generation

In 1974, Werner Hug-Krieger the eldest son of Werner Hug-Niedermann actively joined the company. Since 1986, the youngest brother Andreas Hug-Furrer has been with the company too.

Takeover of Fritz & Oehlschleger in Meisterschwanden

With the takeover of Fritz & Oehlschleger in Meisterschwanden HUG AG expanded its range and assortment with "Pizzetten" and "Chäschüechli" frozen bakery goods and with it increased its competence as the leading bakery goods manufacturer.

1980's HUG TV spots

Takeover of Biscuit Willisau in Willisau

In 1995, HUG AG acquired Biscuits Willisau in Willisau and laid another milestone in the company history. The legend of Willisauer Ringli lives to this day and with it HUG AG.

Factory shops in Willisau and Malters

Since the opening of the factory shop in Willisau with a view from it of the production, HUG AG lets the public participate in the legend of the Willisauer Ringli. The success in Willisau inspired HUG AG a year later, to open a factory shop in Malters too – also with a view of the production line from it.

1990's HUG TV spots

Takeover of Duff Hüppen

Zurich and Wuillemin in Lausanne: In 2000, HUG AG took over the Duff wafer roll bakery in Zurich and the Bricelet producer in Lausanne (Vaud) and by doing so further increased its competence in high quality dessert assortments.

2000's HUG TV spots

Takeover of Wernli AG, Trimbach

As a fundamental milestone in the history of HUG the brothers Werner and Andreas Hug acquired Biscuits Wernli AG in Trimbach from v. Nordeck International Holding AG and thus complimented their range with chocolate biscuits. The plant is still in Trimbach.

The 5th generation

Anna Hug, the daughter of Werner Hug, has been with the company for five years, and in 2015 she joined the management board team. She has increased the percentage of women by 30%. In 2016 Fabian Hug, the son of Andreas Hug, joined the company as well. Together they want to further strengthen the HUG Familie brands.


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