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Natural · Honest

With the HUG family promise "natural and honest", Andreas and Werner Hug declare by their signatures in the form of a guarantee seal, their intention to further strengthen sustainable handling of raw materials. From 2014 only UTZ certified cocoa products will be used. In addition HUG, as one of the first Swiss bakery product companies, has systematically changed over to RSPO "segregated" palm oil and has received an award from the WWF.

Environment & Raw Materials

We want to know where the raw materials for our products come from and insist on transparency from our suppliers.

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Raw Material Charter

Through our own strict Raw Material Charter, we assure our customers that our HUG and DAR-VIDA products are made from natural ingredients, untreated as far as possible.

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HUG AG invests in food safety. Meetings of the quality assurance staff are held daily. This efficient management tool ensures short communication paths, putting quality in the spotlight.

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